Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just another day at the office

Okay so here was a few things on my to-do list at work last week

1. Assemble Tiki Bar, decorate, and make cruise ship activity guides
2. Perform the Chicken Dance
3. Reduce Payroll Costs
4. Pay Invoices
5. Buy facial and makeover supplies
6. Do facials and find relaxing music
7. Figure out how to make a pinewood derby car
8. Help demonstrate a hula dance
9. Finish making blankets for service project
10. Plan birthday party & decorate

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

17 years

Music Monday Presents Ratatat

Music Mondays

Once again Music Monday turns out not to be produced on a Monday. I do what I want. It's gettin' crazy up in this blog.

Okay so turns out that Ratatat is my pick for this week. I am revisiting their electronic genius after many moons.

I saw them in concert, and they were just delightful. It's the kind of music that makes you wanna run around waving your arms wildly and laugh.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Fountainhead

READ THIS BOOK! It is quite frightening to see the similarities between her novel and what is happening in our country today.

"Don't you find anything amusing in my little experiment? I do. For instance, do you notice that all the wrong people are on the wrong sides? Mr. Alvah Scarret, the college professors, the newspaper editors, the respectable mothers and the Chambers of Commerce should have come flying to the defense of Howard Roark-- if they value their own lives. But they didn't. They are upholding Hopton Stoddard. On the other hand I heard that some screwy bunch of cafeteria radicals called 'The New League of Proletarian Art' tried to enlist in support of Howard Roark--they said he was a victim of capitalism--when they should have known that Hopton Stoddard is their champion."

page 356-357 in The Fountainhead

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gorillaz - "Fire Coming Out of a Monkey's Head" Clean Video

Music Monday (Three days later)

So I'm starting a little thing on my blog called music Monday, but I'm starting it on Wednesday. Why? Because I'm just that crazy.

Music Mondays originated in my old apartment Wellington 7, where I would pick a band to celebrate each week. During that week of celebration, I would cover the bathroom mirror with fun facts about the band and force anyone of my roommates getting ready in the morning to sing the selected band's songs...all week! Turns out that was a great idea. Also turns out that Styx week was our favorite. Why? Oh I'll tell you why. Because they can politely sing thank you to a robot in Japanese.

So I present to you Gorillaz. And I award them "the most diverse portfolio award".