Sunday, April 25, 2010


I thought I would talk about Dave's initiation into my family. Every Christmas we like to go out into a field of iced over snow and play a game my family lovingly refers to as "pasture hockey". As you can see we all adorn ourselves with stylish winter attire from a variety of decades (the early 90s being the obvious favorite). Then we tromp out into the "pasture", set up some cones for goals, and run around like lunatics taking the game all too seriously. If you know me or anyone in my family you know we would never just play for fun. We are all out to win, and Dave along with his shins found out the hard way. "But why on Earth was he wearing shorts in the middle of winter?" you ask... well he had the choice of my mother's nylon pants or his shorts. Don't worry he definitely tried on her pants, which unfortunately was not photographed.

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