Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Keeping up with the Bloggers

Now that we are blogging, Dave and I have had to spice up the old routine.

No more throwing on our sweats and watching HBO after work!
We have a blog to think about.

Instead of relaxing on the couch, we play rock, paper, scissors. And we even take pictures of it!

But that's not all we can accomplish! We can hold a frisbee while simultaniously taking a picture.

And then when we really want something to blog about... we actually throw it (the frisbee).
Thanks to blogging we'll never have a dull moment again!


  1. I'm dying to know who ended up winning rock, paper, scissors.

  2. Yes! I'm so pleased about this blog. I will have you know that I found it by googling your names and it came up as the first result. Nice work!! Stalking has commenced